Can You Catch a DJI Drone?

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You’re out flying your sleek DJI drone, capturing mesmerizing aerial shots, when suddenly it begins to lose power! Panic sets in as you watch it descending rapidly towards the earth. You don’t have time to think, so you sprint towards it with arms outstretched, hoping to make a daring mid-air catch! But, wait a minute, can you catch a DJI drone?

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to do (and what not to do) if you find yourself in a drone-catching situation.

Having flown and tested countless drones over the years, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge on this subject. I’ve dealt with my fair share of close calls and drone mishaps, and I’m here to share my insights with you.


  1. Safety should always be a priority when handling DJI drones
  2. Manual hand catching is a technique that can be mastered with practice
  3. DJI features like return-to-home functions and advanced stability systems which will make hand catching harder.

Can you catch a DJI drone?

Yes, you can catch a DJI drone, but it’s not recommended due to safety reasons.

DJI drones come with advanced stability systems which means they’re less likely to veer off course and crash into something (or someone!).

This system uses a sensor on the bottom of the drone which monitors the distance to the ground. If you place your hand underneath it the drone will try to avoid it and fly off upwards.

But don’t be put off! Read on to find out a method around this problem.

The Technique of Hand Catching a DJI Drone

Mastering the technique of manual hand catching isn’t as hard as it might seem. Sure, there are some catching challenges but with a little practice and caution, you’d be handling your drone like a pro in no time.

The secret to this feat is understanding the wind impacts on your drone’s flight behavior. If the wind’s too strong, I’d recommend sitting that session out – better safe than sorry! But if it’s breezy at most, position yourself upwind so that the drone comes toward you slowly when descending.

  1. Always catch from the bottom – never from the propeller side
  2. Let the drone auto-land or with one hand on the joystick slowly bring it down.
  3. As it descends position your hand underneath in a U-shape
  4. Pinch the sides of the drone and immediately turn it upside down (the drone will resist a little)
  5. If you do not turn it upside down – remember to turn off its motors immediately after grabbing hold of it.
Can You Catch a DJI Drone

Safety Precautions While Handling DJI Drones

It’s crucial to always prioritize safety when handling these flying machines, making sure to follow all guidelines and precautions.

I personally like to think of my DJI drone as a delicate bird that requires tender care and attention.

To keep your drone catching trick as safe as possible always remember to:

  • Always catch from the bottom – keep your hands aways fromt the blades
  • Have a firm grip on the drone
  • Do not attempt catching a DJI drone in high winds
  • Make sure you have proper flight permissions before launching your drone. It’s not just polite; it’s the law.
  • Keep your drone’s software up-to-date. Firmware updates might change how the drone behaves due to the sensors or you turning it upside down

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Drone Catching and Launching

Navigating the art of perfect launching and grabbing might seem challenging at first, but with these tips and tricks, it’ll become second nature.

First off, let’s talk about drone calibration. It’s crucial to have your DJI drone properly calibrated before each flight to ensure smooth takeoff and landing.

Now onto flight training. Practice makes perfect! Spend some time learning the controls, especially the throttle for altitude adjustment with one hand – key in mastering launching and catching. Try different techniques till you find what works best for you.

Finally, we can’t forget about drone maintenance. After all, a well-kept drone is a happy drone! Regularly checking your propellers for damage or debris will keep those takeoffs and landings silky smooth.

Remember, safety should always be paramount when handling drones. Always catch from below to avoid those spinning blades and never try catching while in sport mode – that’s just asking for trouble!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the FAA doesn’t seem to have anything specific against you catching a DJI drone. However, you should do so safely following the FAA guidelines for flying drones.

Is It Possible to Modify a DJI Drone for Easier Manual Catching?

Sure, it’s possible to modify a DJI drone for easier catching. But remember, “there’s no smoke without fire.” Drone modification risks throwing the drone out of balance or voiding its warranty.


So there you have it! It turns out, most of the more experienced drone enthusiasts prefer hand-catching their DJI drones.

It’s a thrilling experience indeed, but remember safety first! With some practice and these handy tips, you’ll be launching and catching your drone like a pro in no time.

Keep flying high and enjoy the bird’s eye view!

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