Best Waterproof Drone for Hiking, Fishing, and Other Rainy Occasions

Best Waterproof Drones For Rainy Occasions

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If you love water-based activities or are an adventurer that often finds yourself in wet environments, you probably know all too well the importance of having a waterproof drone. I’ve been flying drones for years, and sometimes my hikes take me up a misty mountain trail or through some ugly rains. Nonetheless, I’m happy to have the best waterproof drone capable of withstanding the rain while capturing incredible footage of my adventures.

After hours of flight testing and scouring the web for reviews, I’ve determined that the SwellPro Spry+ is the perfect aircraft for drone enthusiasts who anticipate venturing out into those damp places. If you’re a surfer or watersports fanatic, this is an equally good choice for filming and shooting any tricks performed on the water.

So, keep reading and find out why you should consider adding the Spry+ or one of these other drones I mention to your next purchase.

Waterproof Drones Review #1: Swellpro Spry+

Swellpro Spry+

The Spry drone by Swellpro is specifically tailored for marine environments, boasting a 100% waterproof IP67 rating and buoyancy features.

Engineered with corrosion-resistant materials, it can effortlessly land on and take off from water. Its compact design, coupled with high-thrust motors, allows it to reach speeds of over 65 KM/H, ideal for capturing dynamic water sports like surfing or wakeboarding.

Despite its power, the Spry is user-friendly, offering both GPS and ATTI flight modes.

As we’ve established, the overall best waterproof drone is the Spry+. SwellPRO is a company that specializes in developing waterproof drones, and they’ve done an excellent job of creating a drone that can successfully navigate rain, oceans, and lakes. In addition, the Spry+ has a waterproof controller, so you can operate it when you’re in the water yourself. 

The drone is equipped with a 4K rotating camera encased in a toughened glass dome to prevent water from damaging the lens. The glass dome is highly transparent and designed to counter any potential water distortion to your footage. Furthermore, the Spry+ is capable of taking off and landing on water, so you could even bring it with you during a swim or surf!

Its aerodynamic build and high-quality propellers allow the drone to fly up to 18 m/s, so you’ll have no problem keeping up with even the fastest surfer or sailboat, making this drone an excellent choice for recording water sporting events. Image stabilization is another critical feature when looking for the best waterproof drone. The Spry+ has incredible image stabilization due to its advanced electronic image stabilization software that ensures smooth and shake-free recording.

The Spyr+ has four different options of flight zones that are built to match any level of flyer.  A veteran pilot might use its more autonomous Acro Mode, whereas a beginner can benefit from GPS mode to ensure a steady and fixed flight plan. The Spyr+ also comes with features like return to me, follow me, and orbit around me, so you don’t need to worry about losing the drone in the sky or getting the perfect shot.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this drone is sky trolling and the ability to use the Spyr+ for fishing. It can automatically release a fishing line and reel in when the line exceeds a certain threshold of tension. When you thought this drone couldn’t get any better, it’s also portable and compact, making it a great travel partner for any thrill-seeker. The one drawback to the aircraft is that it only offers 17 minutes of flight time but will need to be charged for approximately 90 minutes before a full battery.

Waterproof Drones Review #2: PowerEgg X

PowerEgg X

The PowerEgg X delivers 4K60FPS aerial footage and possesses dual capabilities as a handheld gimbal and drone.

It includes features such as slow-motion, time-lapse, and SyncVoice technology for potential audio overlays.

Equipped with sensors, the device can detect obstacles and ensure precise landings.

With a transmission distance of up to 6km and a wind resistance of level 5, it provides a certain level of control and an integrated app for editing. And it's waterproof!

If you’re looking for the best waterproof drone for portability and compact design, the PowerEgg X Wizard is the ultimate choice for you. The kit comes with a remote controller, wrist strap, arms and propellers, two intelligent batteries, a carrying case, and more!

The Wizard is an excellent choice for flyers wanting an affordable drone to explore water terrains or other rainy environments. The drone comes equipped with two strap-on floats and fully waterproof housing so that it can land and float in the water. Although the PowerEgg X Wizard might not be able to keep up with the advanced technology of many DJI or SwellPro models, it excels in versatility and offers flyers several unique features.

For one, the drone can be de-assembled and transformed into a stabilized mini-hand tripod. That’s right! The drone can be used to record footage from your hand. Concededly, the drone’s 3-axis gimbal, when used in hand-held mode, isn’t the most steady as some of the other drones on this list, but it can still take some great footage when used carefully!

In addition, the drone’s camera is a 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2.8-inch sensor that is more than capable of shooting 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. You will be granted 30 minutes of flight time with a maximum speed of 40mph. It also has excellent wind resistance and can fly in most weather conditions.

If you’re still a newer flyer, you don’t need to concern yourself with accidental collisions, as the drone comes with front and downwards-facing obstacle avoidance. I think it’s also important to note that the PowerEgg is the most compact and portable option on this list. Its removable housing and carrying case make it easy and hassle-free to pack away into your bag neatly after use.

To summarize, when looking for the best waterproof drone that is also highly portable, the PowerEgg X Wizard is an excellent option to consider.

Waterproof Drones Review #3: SwellPRO SplashDrone 4

SwellPRO SplashDrone 4

The drone comes with high-quality ABS plastic and is 100% waterproof.

In addition, the drone comes equipped with a floating platform, so you won’t need to worry about it sinking and getting lost in the water.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re after the best waterproof drone that is a master of all, look no further than the SplashDrone 4. This drone is pack-full of excellent features and ready to tackle snow, rain, or wind!

The drone has an IP67 waterproof rating, which means it can be submerged entirely for 30 minutes before you risk any leaking, which is perfect considering the drone has a total flight time of 30 minutes.

If photography is your interest, it is capable of taking stunning underwater photos and videos when snorkeling. It has a 4K camera and a 3-axis gimbal to ensure smooth and shake-free footage.

Like many Swellpro drones, the Splashdrone 4 comes with a unique fishing mode that allows it to drop the bait into the water, so long as it doesn’t exceed a weight of 2KG. If you’re an avid fisher, this is a great drone for tackling those places that a typical boat can’t reach.

In addition, the SplashDron 4 comes with several flight functions to make flying an even more enjoyable experience. For beginners, you can rely on Dynamic Return Home, so the drone will return to where to controller/pilot is at a moment’s notice.

You could also opt to use circle mode to take footage from all angles of a landmark or monument. My personal favorite is the Grid Mission which lets you choose up to 256 different points for the drone to follow on an organized flight path.

The one drawback to the SwellPro Splashdrone 4 is that it is a bit on the pricier end and doesn’t offer the foldable design that attracts flyers who travel often and can’t afford to sacrifice the extra packing space. However, its landing gear can be removed, and it comes with a good carrying case if you’re taking it onto a boat or by the water.

Buying Guide To Waterproof Drones

IP Ratings

It’s important to understand the meaning of IP ratings and how they determine the resistance your drone has to the elements and environment. An IP number will be made out of two numbers, the first is its level of protection against solid particles, and the second is regarding liquids. For example, if you’re looking for the best waterproof drone, you will want to find an IP rating above 65 for it to be considered waterproof. Nonetheless, the higher the number, the safer your drone will perform in difficult conditions.

Waterproof vs Splashproof (or Water-resistant)

If you want a drone that is waterproof and can be submerged in the water for some time, look for an IP number that is above 6 for both solids and liquids. A drone that is IP65, IP66, or IP67 will be a good choice for watersports enthusiasts. If the drone is below IP65, it might be water-resistant or splashproof but not capable of being wholly immersed underwater. If you encounter a number that has an “x,” this means that the drone doesn’t have enough substantial data to evaluate its level of protection.

Floating Ability

There is no greater fear than flying a drone over water and worrying about whether it will just drop out from the sky and sink to its death; at least, that’s what I picture in my nightmares. So, when looking for the best waterproof drone, choose one that has a way of countering this fear, typically through attached floating devices or landing gear. Additionally, most drones with supportive floating structures will be able to land and take off from the water’s surface.

Uprighting Ability

Ok, you’ve chosen a drone that floats, it can be submerged underwater, but it falls over as soon as it hits the surface. The same can be said for a drone’s resistance to wind and if a strong gust might flip it over while in flight. To counter this problem, look for drones with self-righting features and good overall balance. For example, the SwellPro Spry+ has self-righting abilities so you won’t need to swim in the water to flip it over yourself.

best waterproof drone

The uses of waterproof drones

The best waterproof drone will have an abundance of fun and interactive features that you can use at the beach, lake, or when exploring wet terrains. Here are a few of these benefits to look out for:

Fishing with Drones

The SwellPro Drones are the best option for avid fishers looking to enjoy the fun of flying and get to throw a line out! Their drones come with some fun features that will let you drop or sometimes cast a hook and bait into the water with the hopes of catching a fish. As a fisher myself, I know all too well the difficulty of trying to get your boat into the small nooks and corners where the big fish are hiding. A fishing drone can reach these places with minimal effort and give you a chance to take the trophy fish home!

Watersport Recording

For many, the best waterproof drone is one that can record watersport activities like kite surfing, sailing, waterskiing, tubing, and more! If you’re one of these people, you want to watch out for a drone with fast speeds and a stabilized camera. The Spyr+ by SwellPRO is an excellent choice due to its advanced stabilization software and ability to reach speeds of up to 18 mph! You won’t have to worry about getting your trick and flips caught on camera when using this drone.

Water Rescue

One of the biggest fears when swimming and being around the water Is drowning or getting sucked out by a strong current. There exist many waterproof drones that can tow or carry flotation devices in the circumstance that someone out in the water might be in danger and needs help. In addition, the drones on this list come with cameras that can be used to survey the area and keep an eye out for anyone that might need help.

Final Thoughts On The Best Waterproof Drone

After a complete comparison, I can confidently make the claim that the best waterproof drone is the Spyr+ by SwellPRO. They’ve created a drone equipped with all the best features to have a good flying experience when using it on or around water. Its 4K camera is encased in highly-advanced glass that protects the lens while minimizing any distortion to the footage.

In addition, the drone has fast speeds and excellent stabilization to follow even the quickest surfer or sailor out on the water. With that in mind, all the drones on this list have great qualities and features you’d want to look for when investing in an aircraft. So, you couldn’t go wrong picking up any of the options we’ve discussed!

Swellpro Spry+

The Spry drone by Swellpro is specifically tailored for marine environments, boasting a 100% waterproof IP67 rating and buoyancy features.

Engineered with corrosion-resistant materials, it can effortlessly land on and take off from water. Its compact design, coupled with high-thrust motors, allows it to reach speeds of over 65 KM/H, ideal for capturing dynamic water sports like surfing or wakeboarding.

Despite its power, the Spry is user-friendly, offering both GPS and ATTI flight modes.

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