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Our Mission

At FLYVER.CO, our mission is simple: to make your drone flying experience as awesome as possible. We aim to achieve this by providing comprehensive guides, detailed reviews, and personal insights into the world of drones. Our goal is to be your trusted companion in navigating the expansive skies of drone piloting.

Our Story

FLYVER.CO was started by Keith Morearu, a drone enthusiast who turned his passion into a platform for fellow drone lovers. From humble beginnings, FLYVER.CO has evolved into a thriving online community where drone enthusiasts can find a wealth of information and share their aerial adventures.

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Who I Am

Hey there, I’m Keith Morearu, the guy who started it all here at FLYVER.CO. You could say I’m somewhat obsessed with drones – and you wouldn’t be wrong. FLYVER.CO is my brainchild, born from a passion for these amazing flying machines and a desire to share that with the world.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of flight and the freedom it represents. When I got my hands on my first drone, it was love at first flight. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to dive deep into the world of drones and bring back pearls of wisdom for all of you.

My Journey with Drones

It all started with a simple curiosity about these buzzing beauties. I began experimenting with different models, sizes, and types, learning everything from the basic mechanics to advanced flying techniques. I quickly realized there’s so much more to drones than just being a cool gadget – they’re a gateway to a whole new world of exploration and creativity.

Our Responsibility

As part of our commitment to you, we want to be upfront about how FLYVER.CO sustains itself. While we aim to provide free, high-quality content, we also use affiliate marketing as a source of funding

Transparency in Reviews
Our reviews and recommendations are always unbiased, regardless of affiliate relationships.
Editorial Integrity
We maintain a strict separation between our editorial content and affiliate agreements.
Ethical Affiliate Practices
We only partner with reputable companies and brands that we trust and would recommend regardless of commissions.
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Connect With Us

We love to hear from our readers! Whether you have a question about a drone, a story to share, or a suggestion for our site, feel free to reach out. Your feedback helps us soar even higher.

Our Commitment to Ethical Practices

At FLYVER.CO, we believe in flying responsibly and ethically. This extends to our affiliate partnerships as well. We carefully select our affiliates to ensure that they align with our values and commitment to providing the best for our community.

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