Top 5 Practical Applications for Drones of the Week

With all the traction that drones are getting right now, it’s inevitable that people will start finding new practical ways to use them. And even though we try to stay ahead of the curve and think of everything possible use, before anyone else, so that we can integrate it into our SDK, there will always be people imagining things which we never could. We feel that these people deserve to be mentioned on the Flyver blog, because they can serve as inspiration for our developers more than anyone else. We present the top 5 practical applications for drones of the week. 


1. This awesome shot of Ultron for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

Apparently the Hollywood movie industry has been making good use of those commercial licenses for drone sues it was granted, because Marvel posted on their official Twitter news feed that this awesome shot of Ultron was made using a drone. Being in the drone business, we’re so excited that UAVs are being used for projects such as The Avengers. Here’s hoping that next time they employ a Flyver App!

2. Spotting Wildfires Before They Start

Wildfires can be a very dangerous problem once they get started, so it’s important to do everything in our power to prevent them. The trouble is that it’s pretty hard to spot a forest fire before it’s grown into a size that’s hard to put out. Infrared cameras have always been a possibility, but the trouble is that until now they haven’t been feasible, since manned aircraft are expensive to fly and their velocity is too great for someone to be able to get a good image of an area. However, as NASA has discovered, with the adoption of UAVs monitoring for wildfires can be made much simpler and more efficient. Using two drones, one of which is equipped with an infrared camera, Michael Logan, who is head of NASA’s Langley unmanned aerial vehicle lab, has created a system that should make spotting wild fires in their early stages much easier. The advantage of drones is that they can fly at lower altitudes and at much slower speeds, allowing them to get a clear image of fire-prone areas.

3. Tracking Disease Spread Patterns in Africa

Over  on , there’s a very interesting paper detailing how drones are being used to detect patterns in the spreading of a new malaria strain. With plenty of deforestation going on, the habits of the mosquitoes changes along with their habitat, which means their victims also change. To track how changes in the map of the area  affect infection patterns, scientists have been successfully employing drones. The role of the drone is to frequently map out the area so that any recent changes can be taken into account. Being aware of these changes, the doctors can compare them to patient records to see how they affect disease spread patterns. The relevance of a drone in this case is that it can be programmed to perform these tasks automatically and in this rid health care workers of the duty and danger of having to personally map everything.

4. Using a Drone in Emergency Situations

Using drones in emergencies is one of the first applications which one can come up with. It can save more lives than probably any other application. Apparently the fire rescue team of Northport Alabama knows this and has been training to use drones for several months. This week, however, was the first in which a drone was utilised during a real rescue mission. There was a tanker fire and the drone was utilised as a means to identify the substance in the tanker as quickly as possible. Apparently, this is one of the most useful ways a drone can help in an emergency situations as it allows fire rescuers to quickly identify dangerous chemicals without ever having to go near the fire site.

5. Chasing Down Criminals

Chasing after criminals is a dangerous job. You never know what they might have on them and where they might lead you. Last week four policemend from North Dakota managed to catch four underage people who were pulled over for drunk driving and then made their way into a corn field.  Considering the event happened during the night. Finding them on foot would have been almost impossible. Luckily the cops has a drone at their disposal, which they used in order to catch the cornfield runners in a matter of minutes. While this isn’t a precedent in chasing down criminals using drones, it’s nice to see them being utilised in the USA, considering it’s the biggest drone market in the world right now.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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