Top 5 Creative Drone Uses of the Week

Drones are a hot topic in pretty much every industry right now. However as big business is searching for optimal ways to use drones and reduce costs, artists and creatives have managed to come up with some of the most interesting and unusual applications for drones. Every week we see new art projects and experiments using drones to inspire people. What makes them valuable is that art is much more than entertainment. Art is a tool for inspiration, a tool for bringing about change. Here at Flyver we feel it is our mission to make drones a useful part of daily life, by turning them into SmartDrones and proving their potential. In light of this, we have decided to feature the best creative uses of drones every week in hopes of inspiring other people and in order to showcase the potential of drones in most every situation. Without further ado, we present the top five creative uses for drones

1. The Spotify ‘PartyDrone’

Everyone loves music festivals. Seeing your favorite artists live, being surrounded by people who share your affection, pretty much everything about the experience is awesome, except for one thing. The part with the waiting n line and getting to the stage is always annoying and boring. Enter the Spotify ‘PartyDrone’. When festivalgoers buy their tickets, they also add their favorite song to the festival playlist. To their surprise, when they enter the area of the festival, the ‘PartyDrone’ floats above them with its 450 Watts worth of speaker power, playing their favorite song. Honestly, we wish there would be programmed drones playing our favorite music not only on all music festivals, but pretty much everywhere we went. Now if only there was an app for that..

2. This Beautiful Floating Light Timelapse.

Using a single LED- equipped drone and a special timelapse compilation technique, filmmaker Richie Johnson created this mesmerizing music video for Marconi Union’s song “Weightless”. The video uses layers of the same drone’s movements on top of one another in order to make it seem like there is a whole flotilla of drones drawing out patterns of light in the air. Even if the song is not to your liking, the video is worth the watch just for the sake of the beautiful visuals. The combination of nature with the beautiful paths formed by the drones and their reflection in the water is simply stunning.


3.Drone Racing Star Wars Style

Akin to the hoverboard from Back to the FutureStar Wars have been an object of desire for fans since the day we first saw them in action during The Phantom Menace, so it should come as no surprise that this video of drones racing through the forest got us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside as soon as we saw it. While drones racing through the forest is hardly a speeder bike race, the similarities are so many, that as soon as someone sees the video, they instantly remember Anakin speeding through the desert in hopes of winning the race. Here’s hoping that drone racing becomes a real sport!

4. Stunning Killer Whale Footage

A tiny drone equipped with a camera has caught killer whale footage unlike any we’ve seen before. The Drone flew over the whale population off the coast of Canada and captured images which were not only beautiful to behold, but also hold significant scientific value. The footage allowed scientists to see which whales were well-fed and which were sick. Infact, it was so detailed that some killer whales could be identified by their scars. A special drone called Mobby was used for the purpose. Mobby is a hexacopter which produces an unprecedented 38 decibels of noise, which is less that a refrigerator hum. Because of this, the scientists were able to get so close to the whales and capture the stunning video we see today. We know this doesn’t quite count as a creative use, siцne it has practical implications, however feel its sheer beauty qualifies it for this post.

5.The Longest Distance Selfie Ever

Say goodbye to the selfie and say hello to the “Dronie”. We knew this was coming and it was just a matter of who would do it first. Matt Benedetto used his drone to capture a video selfie, during which the drone goes farther and farther away from him, continuously revealing the beauty of the location he was taking the selfie in. The potential for this kind of selfie is huge, and it goes way beyond showing the world just how much you enjoy taking pictures of yourself. The dronie allows a person to reveal details and give much more information about what he is doing, than a simple picture of his face. Honestly, Mr. Benedetto’s selfie looks more like a work of art than a social network post.

Do you have any art projects or ideas that include drones? Leave a comment below!



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