Flyver Starter Resources Guide

The Flyver family has seen quite a bit of growth in the last few days. If you’re one of our new followers or fans, welcome! This guide is meant to provide you with everything you need to get started using the SDK and keeping track of Flyver news.

Flyver SDK GitHub – Here you can find the current version of the SDK along with the apps developed until now

Flyver SDK Wiki – The Wiki contains the SDK’s requirements along with tutorials on how to run and utilise its various functions

Flyver Devkit – If you want to start writing drone apps, but don’t feel like tinkering with your drone or don’t own such, the Flyver DevKit offers a good alternative. It’s practically ready to fly and requires you to simply plug your phone in. Moreover, we are selling the DevKit at no profit because we want to make it easier for developers to get the tools they need to write drone apps. Additionally, here are the requirements for your Android device

Flyver Blog – The Flyver blog is updated on a weekly basis, actually this post is also a part of it. On the blog we post all news regarding the development of the Flyver SDK along with various features on the future of drones and the drone apps market.

Flyver Mailing List – We send a monthly newsletter to subscribers of our mailing list, summarising all the developments that have happened in the meantime.

Flyver Forum – This is the place where you can ask questions and the Flyver team will answer. Additionally any and all discussion is encouraged!

Drone Apps Subreddit – Flyver hosts a subreddit on the topic of Drone Apps. Discussion here is not limited to the Flyver SDK and any contribution, regardless of whether a question or link is appreciated. Our goal here is to provoke discussion on the topic of drone apps, autonomous drones, drone programming and the like.

Armed with these resources, you should be able to start programming your drone using the Flyver SDK with no trouble. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below!


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