Dedication to drones

Flyver is a company passionate about the future of drones.

We’re building the future by developing industrial solutions to solve problems in various vertical sectors.

Drones are poised to revolutionize most sectors of the economy and we’re making it happen.

Agriculture, Security, Insurance, Oil and Gas – to start with.

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Aerial solutions for industry

The biggest potential of drones lies in commercial applications. While some already exist, they aren’t the best they could be.

Flyver’s goal is to provide industry solutions to various market sectors using drones and through this completely revolutionise how most industries work.

Drones can empower businesses by cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Flyver is using a combination of autonomous drones and cloud software to create solutions tailored to the specific needs of an industry.

We strive to make our solutions as easy to sue and affordable as possible, so that the revolution can reach the maximum amount of people.

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Core Team

  • Tihomir Nedev
    Tihomir NedevCo-founder

    Tihomir is a co-founder and an engineering guru. He is the main architect and hardware concept holder. He invests enormous time and energy in finding the best technical solution. He works with tech community and leads the opensource activities within Flyver.

    Has Behind:

    • 30+ Devices Built
    • 5 Products Delivered
    • 3 Drones Destroyed
  • Anton Gavrailov
    Anton GavrailovCo-founder

    Anton is the business person in the start-up. He is looking after commercial opportunities, partners, vendors and our investors. He has background as senior manager in software development companies and entrepreneur.

    Has Behind:

    • 30+ IT Projects Delivered
    • 5 Products Lunched
    • 3 Startups
  • Simeon Angelov
    Simeon AngelovSystem Architect Backend
    • Valentin Ivanov
      Valentin IvanovProduct Manager Video Recognition
      • Peter Mihaylov
        Peter MihaylovDigital marketing and online media
        • Peter Petrov
          Peter PetrovSystem Architect Avionics
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          Our Partners

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