Cloud based platform for aerial surveillance

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Live air-to-cloud inspection platform

Flyver Eye is cloud based platform for aerial surveillance

Cloud Based Live Streaming

Flyver Eye has powerful cloud streaming capabilities. Any video that is captured by the drone is streamed to the cloud in real time. From there the user has the freedom to watch it live on as many devices, mobile or otherwise, as he wants or play on-demand later for review.

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In Flyver Eye simplicity is a key. We hided all the complex technology behind to unview a friendly looking, simple interface that anyone could use. No pilots, no technicians, no remote controls. One click and you are airborne.

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Cloud Control Station

Plan your mission straight from the cloud. Assign it to  drone operators and monitor its execution real-time from anywhere in the world. The power and flexibility of the cloud to help with your drone fleet.

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A Powerful Security System For Everyone

Inspect Large Areas

With the click of a button, you’re able to observe up to 2,500 hectares in a single flight with flight time of min 1,5 hours. Changing batteries extend the reach even further.

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Autonomous Operation

The key to making Flyver Eye so simple to use, more than anything else, is the autonomous flight and selfcheck procedure. At the click of a button, your drone takes off and performs its whole mission without the need of human input.

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Variety of Aircrafts

Flyver Eye uses advanced powerful fixed-wing and multirotor UAVs to perform missions. Long flight, precision or durability is for you to decide. Add advanced sensors. Operate them in singles or swarms through the same Flyver Eye interface.

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100% Replaceable Parts

Our drones are extremely easy and inexpensive to repair. Every single part can be replaced without much effort or technical knowledge and just like the drones themselves, the parts are quite affordable.

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Flyver Eye is Software as a Service (SaaS). It needs no setup whatsoever. Everything runs from the cloud, meaning that you could use it on any device with internet connection.

There’s no large upfront payment for our software. Drones used by the system are powerful yet inexpensive.

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Admin and field worker roles

Different roles allow additional security and information restriction. Tablet version provides field worker with his own missions’ telemetry, location and mission details. Administrative interface provides full access to all missions, history and videos archive company-wide.

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Airborne agriculture

Monitoring vast areas with crops is difficult with land-operated machinery. Airborne sensors provide a new perspective in data-collecting – large distances, vast areas, quick accessibility to collected data and real time reports.


Airborne video surveillance improves the perimeter security. Many cases of agricultural property intrusion by humans and animals, undetectable from the ground, can be observed and registered with airborne sensors on board of Flyver Eye drones.

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Real-time vegetation index

With Flyer Eye delivering real-time imagery and constructing a map of the area, it is easy to oversee the state of the crops. At any time, at any phase of the vegetation process, as many times as you need it.

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Real-time orthomapping

With continuously changing landscape and borders of land plots, orthomapping provides the exact and very detailed (2 cm/px) picture of the state of your crops and land.

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